Spagyrical Ashwaganda

Spagyric nano emulsified Ashwaganda Tincture 20 ml

Ashwaganda (also known as winter cherry and Indian ginseng) is one of the most revered and powerful herbs in Ayurvedic medicine. Ashwagandha has traditionally been used to help increase vitality, provide strength and create balance and harmony in the body. Ashwaganda is also an adaptogen (ie it adapts to the specific needs of the body based on health condition and gender) where the ashwaganda helps to protect the body from physical, mental and / or emotional stress. Like many adaptogens, ahwaganda can reduce the symptoms of fatigue and fatigue, while at the same time increasing the body's resistance and increasing endurance to physical activities.

Spagyric Tinctures are unique and give a more complete and complete herb or plant / extraction distinction from ordinary tinctures. They contain all the three essential principles - Soul - Mind - Body. Where the soul is represented by the essential oils which are volatile. The mind is represented by alcohol obtained by fermentation of the plant. And the body is represented by the salt / mineral crystals that are locked in the plant's plant fibers and are obtained by burning / calcining the plant material and then leaching. When these three are returned and combined, the plant develops into a more bioavailable form that works on all aspects of man.

In addition to the three principles, a spagyric tincture contains a full spectrum of plant substances such as various types of flavonoids, alkaloids, and vitamins.

Dosage: We recommend a dose of 1 - 10 drops 1 - 3 times a day or as needed.

Usage: Drop the desired number of drops on a spoon and take or mix in a glass of water and drink.

400 SEK