Clean Knockout

Blue light glasses that block 100% (400-490nm) of the harmful blue light from screens and other artificial sources. These glasses also take a step further and also block 100% of the green spectrum. Perfect for you who want to take your sleep to the next level .

  • Suitable for evening and night Contributes to a better sleep 
  • Has a calming effect and tricks the brain that it is evening
  •  Should be used 1 hour before bedtime or if you wake up at night
  •  Blocks both blue and green light

 In the evening when the sun (naturally good blue light) has set, the release of the sleep hormone melatonin naturally begins in the brain, which prepares our brain and body for a restorative sleep at night. 

In today's society, however, we are exposed to blue light frequencies from electronics and lamps around the clock.

 This blue light disrupts the natural process as the brain is tricked into being daytime during the day, which reduces our natural melatonin production and leads to it becoming more difficult to unwind and fall asleep, we get a poorer quality of sleep and disrupt our natural circadian rhythm. read more here

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