The Multitool

Blue light  blocking glasses with 76% blocking capacity (400-490nm). That block harmful blue light from screens and other artificial sources.

In the evening when the sun (naturally good blue light) has gone down, the release of sleep hormone melatonin naturally begins in the brain, which prepares our brain and body for a restful sleep at night.

In today's society, we are exposed to blue light  from electronics and lamps during most of the day and night.

This blue light interferes with the natural process when the brain is deceived that evening time is daytime which reduces our natural melatonin production and leads to it becoming more difficult to be able to unwind and fall asleep, we get a poorer quality of sleep and disrupt our natural circadian rhythm.

By wearing our Amber model before bedtime, you can trick the brain to thinking its night-time and help the melatonin secretion process. This will help you in optimizing your sleep. The glasses can help you fall asleep faster and give you better sleep quality.

By wearing BHC blue light blocking glasses you can mitigate the harmful effects of blue light. HhWe provide glasses for all time of the day the Circadian system. This system consists of glasses with different blocking capacity 40% 76% and 96%. To balance the sleep wake cycle we recommend blocking less blue light during the day and then try to block as much as possible around bedtime. This will keep your circadian rhythm aligned and will improve your general wellbeing and performance.


649 SEK