Red Jr red/infrared light panel

Biohacking Collective's second set in the family of red light therapy plates with red light (660nm) and infrared light (850nm). Our new plate has despite its size double effect, which leads to a shorter treatment time about 10-20 min per session. Option to switch between red or infrared light depending on what you want to achieve. The plate is delivered with a flexible stand and the possibility of wall hanging. This plate also emits low EMF values for those who are sensitive to this. 

Positive benefits: 

  • Can provide faster recovery
  •  Can provide increased energy 
  • Can Stimulate collagen production
  •  Can reduce inflammation in the body 
  • Counteracts winter fatigue

 Power: 100W 

Size: 210 * 150 * 42mm 

Wavelengths: 660nm: 850nm

 Beam angle: 60 degrees

 Lifespan: 50,000 hours

 irradiance: at 0cm> 200mW / cm2 Volts: 100-240V

 Weight: 1kg Warranty: 1 year

Clinical studies:

3 000 SEK